I started to look at my own bed in the morning and, as a screaming, I discovered the reflection of myself.

This body of work reveals my existential situation, during a certain period of time. Marked by the anxiety of a vertiginous reality and a new social order, it took me to a loss of self-confidence. At that time I began to suffer of sleeplessness and, after a while, I noticed that, in the morning, my bed, as a reflection of my inner world, was always a big mess and all days a different one. The daily photograph upon waking that I began to do, after a while, turned into a therapy.

For the first time in my professional career, unconsciously, I created the subject of my photographs. The result was 300 pictures taken in 300 different successive days, not only revealing the aspect of my bed, but representing my state of mind, during that time.

This work measuring 3,60m large and 2m high was exhibited at the Berlin art fair, Berliner Liste 2013.